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Why Peel Cyber is the ideal recruitment partner for a MSSP…

23 May 2023

Recruitment can be extremely difficult if you don’t have a skilled candidate pool to pull from.

While using a recruitment agency can provide many benefits, it’s important for MSSPs to carefully select a reputable agency that understands their unique needs and has a proven track record in the cybersecurity domain.

Peel Cyber is part of the Peel Solutions Group who are specialists within the law enforcement sector. Working with Police forces across the country and organisations such as the NCA gives unrivalled access to a specialised talent pool: Law enforcement organisations often employ cybersecurity professionals with unique skill sets and experience.

By partnering with Peel Cyber an MSSP can tap into this specialised talent pool. These professionals may have expertise in areas such as:

  • Pen testing,
  • CISO,
  • Security analysis,
  • Digital forensics,
  • Incident response,
  • Cybercrime investigation,
  • Threat intelligence,
  • All of these transferable skills could be highly valuable for our MSSP’s clients.

    It is important for the MSSP to select a recruitment partner that has a strong track record, relevant experience, and established partnerships with reputable law enforcement organisations. This ensures that the agency can truly deliver the aforementioned benefits to the MSSP and its clients.

    For more information on how we can help you with your recruitment needs give Dylan a call on 01925 377 878 or email info@peel-cyber.co.uk